What we fund

Investing in communities

Making small grants to community groups and local charities to strengthen their resilience and build their capacity to deliver sustainable services to people at the margins of society.

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Investing in families

Making grants to support Kent and Medway ‘families’ in the most inclusive sense of the word, living at the sharp end of chronic socio-economic problems or facing a financial or emotional crisis.

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Investing in young people

Making grants to support disadvantaged young people living at the margins of society to improve their skills, build their confidence and break down the barriers to their employment.

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Investing in rehabilitation

Making grants to support the rehabilitation of offenders and to help reduce the collateral consequences of their imprisonment for their families, with the aim of reducing reoffending.

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Grants to individuals

Making small grants to disadvantaged young people for practical items such as interview clothes, course fees, tools, travel costs etc. All grants are made via a trusted referral partner.

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Investing locally

Funds allocated to this programme have been re-directed to other grant programmes to support charities struggling to meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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