Do you make grants in Medway

Yes our grant programmes cover Kent and Medway

Can I apply to more than one funding programme at one time?

We ask that organisations submit only one application at once within each of our grant programmes. However, you can submit two applications across different programmes concurrently within any 12 month rolling period.

What is your age range for young people?

We consider young people to be between the ages of 14 and 25.

Is there a deadline for applications?

Yes please check the guidance material for details of deadlines for applications. For our main programmes these are:

• If you apply before the end of March you will receive a grant decision in early July
• If you apply by the 15 July you will receive a grant decision in mid-October
• If you apply by the end of November you will receive a grant decision in early March

How can I apply for funds for my organisation?

You will find information about our current grants programmes on our ‘How to Apply’ page. There are also links to pages where you can download guidance material and apply online.

How much can I apply for?

You will find information about the range of grants available in the guidance material for each programme. Please visit the Grant Guidance page and download the grant guidance material.

Can I call you and talk to you about my project?

We operate with a small part-time staff team and therefore it is not easy to reach us on the telephone. However, if you leave a message someone will call you back. You can also communicate with us by email and you will find email addresses for each programme in the relevant guidance material.

Are you still funding churches?

At present we do not have a specific church funding programme but churches are eligible to apply for funds within our main programmes if they fit the programme criteria.

Can I apply for a grant for myself?

We are not able to make grants directly to individuals. However we can fund young people through our hardship awards programme via a referral agent. You may wish to ask your teacher, social worker or someone working in a local charity to contact us about becoming a referral agent so that they can apply on your behalf.

How do you define Families?

We will accept applications that use a broad, inclusive definition of the family unit.

What additional documentation will I be asked to provide?

Please see programme criteria for specific details of additional information required. However in general we will require:

1.) Two year financial accounts (if these are not available any financial accounts you have and/or a budget/cash flow for the forthcoming financial year – please note that some programmes will not be available to organisations unable to provide two years financial accounts).
2.) A budget
3.) Your organisation's safeguarding policy
4.) Proof of not-for-profit status if you are not a charity.

Can we apply again if the organisation has recently been awarded a grant?

We will accept applications from organisations that we have funded recently providing our grant is completed. We are particularly keen to hear from organisations that we have funded who can demonstrate that our grant has had a significant impact.

Do you fund organisations from outside Kent?

We will consider funding organisations from outside Kent provided that the proposal they put forward will be of benefit to the people of Kent and they have a physical presence in the county or they have particular expertise and are looking to deliver new services that are not currently supplied by a Kent based organisation.

Are national organisations always excluded?

We try to be as inclusive as possible with our grant's programmes. Small and medium sized national charities can apply, providing that they offer meaningful services to Kent people/communities. What we try to exclude are large national charities seeking funds by arbitrarily apportioning part of their national services to Kent beneficiaries - in most cases we expect charities to have a physical presence or project operating directly in the county. The exception to this is our 'Investing in Rehabilitation' grants programme which accepts applications from large national organisations if they specialise in the rehabilitation of offenders and can offer tangible impact in Kent prisons.

How do you assess applications

All applications are assessed by our specialist assessors. Sometimes this involves a telephone call or site visit, depending on the complexity and scale of the application. All grant decisions are made by our Trustees.

How long will it take to hear the outcome of my application

This will depend on the programme you are applying to and how much you are applying for. Hardship Grants are usually approved within two weeks, smaller 'Investing in Community' applications within two months and all other applications up to six months and sometimes longer.