Reporting back

All grants are subject to the timely receipt of progress reports and a detailed final report on the impact made by the grant.

All grants 

A final report is required within fourteen months of the final grant payment.  The final report will refer back to the impact/outcomes that you listed in your original grant application and we expect you to explain the extent to which these were achieved.  We will write to you approximately three months before the deadline for the final report with detailed information about what is required from you. 

Multi-year grants

All future payments of multi-year grants are conditional upon the timely receipt of satisfactory progress reports.  We do not expect projects to run smoothly at all times and we ask grant recipients to be as candid as possible when explaining how the project is progressing.  Unforeseen project difficulties and challenges will not normally affect the grant payment schedule.  However, future payments will be suspended if there is a serious, systemic failure of the project; or we have not received any progress reports.