Q and A's

What do you mean by young people with ‘poverty of opportunity’?

We are referring to young people in society who face specific difficulties because they come from less privileged educational, socio-economic or geographical backgrounds.  Some may have been subject to a care order or classed as ‘looked after by the state’.  Some may be at risk of offending.

What is your age range for young people?

We consider young people to be between the ages of 14 and 25.

Is there a deadline for applications?

No, we operate on a rolling basis. 

How can I apply for funds for my organisation?

You will find information about our current grants programmes on our ‘How to Apply’ page. There are also links to pages where you can download guidance material and apply online.

How much can I apply for?

You will find information about the range of grants available in the guidance material for each programme.  Please visit the Grant Guidance page and download the grant guidance material. 

Can I call you and talk to you about my project?

We operate with a small part-time staff team and therefore it is not easy to reach us on the telephone.  However, if you leave a message someone will call you back.  You can also communicate with us by email.

Are you still funding churches?

At present we do not have a specific church funding programme but churches are eligible to apply for funds within our main programmes if they are working with young people with ‘poverty of opportunity’.

Can I apply for a grant for myself?

We are not able to make grants directly to individuals.  However we can fund young people through our hardship awards programme via a referral agent.   You may wish to ask your teacher, social worker or someone working in a local charity to contact us about becoming a referral agent so that they can apply on your behalf.